1-13a Sealing the Directions

Before you engage this meditation, you will need to learn the six combinations of letters for the six directions in 1:13 or, alternatively, decide on a single letter or symbol you will use to seal each of the directions.

Close your eyes and breathe out.

There is a cube around you.
It may be visible or invisible.
It has walls, a ceiling, and a floor.
Reach out to the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cube. What do they look and/or feel like?

A writing implement appears in your hand. Reach up to the ceiling.
Feel the vastness of what is above. Inscribe the seal of the Above.

Reach down to the floor. Feel the depths of what is below. Inscribe the seal for the Below.

Reach ahead of you to the eastern wall. Feel the brightness of the east. Inscribe the seal for the East.

Reach behind you to the western wall. Feel the glow of the west. Inscribe the seal for the West.

Reach left to the northern wall. Feel the power of the north. Inscribe the seal for the North.

Reach right to the southern wall. Feel the power of the south. Inscribe the seal for the South.

Return to the center. Look around at the cube. Look down at yourself.

What is different?
How have the walls, floor, and ceiling of the cube changed? How have you changed?

Breathe out and open your eyes.