5-4c Blessings of the Months: Tishrei

Before you begin, note the Hebrew month and the letter of that month, according to 5:4. The examples below will use the month of Nisan, the spring month of Passover, and Tishrei, the fall month of Rosh haShanah, but you can use any month and letter.


Close your eyes and breathe out.

Allow Tishrei,
month of autumn and the new year, to arise in your thoughts. What feelings arise
as you contemplate this month? Notice what is good or hard for you about this moment in time.

Visualize lamed, the letter
connected to this month.
The quality of lamed is “action.”
Seek within yourself
for the knowledge that you can act
to improve the world and your life.
See that the lamed,
tall like a shepherd’s crook,
strengthens this place.
Allow your capacity for action
to deepen and expand.
To what action
will you commit this month?
See how the month is filled with this blessing of action.

Keep this blessing with you in the days ahead.

Breathe out and open your eyes.